Hello Real Estate Investors!

Are you thinking about getting started in the lucrative investment property business? Or if you are already involved in real estate investments, maybe it is time to expand your present investment portfolio.

Doris Thomas Realty for Investors

In either case, Doris Thomas Realty can be of tremendous value to you. For many years, Doris and other members of her team have been tweaking the numbers and helping clients make sound investment decisions. Decisions not based on hunches or guesses, but decisions based on cash flow analyses, cap rate calculations, and other such factors.

Also, if you need financing, we can help you find quality lenders, willing and able to fund your project.

Whatever your level of involvement in real estate investments, do not let property management chores bog you down.

The Property Management Department at Doris Thomas is widely respected for its expert handling of day-to-day activities such as hiring repair persons, screening potential tenants, communicating with tenants, and, when necessary, evicting tenants. Do not even think about handling these matters yourself – Leave them to us. And spend time doing what you would rather be doing – watching your wealth grow as your portfolio expands.