Doris Thomas Realty Front SignDoris Thomas Realty provides high quality real estate and property management services for Savannah and surrounding areas. We sell and manage single family and multi-family homes.

We have been in business for over three decades. Our clients know they can trust us because we are always knowledgeable, prompt, courteous and reliable.

Doris graduated from Tompkins High School in Savannah and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business from Savannah State University. After having spent several years in education at both the high school and post-high school level, she joined, Toomer Realty of Savannah as an account manager.

It was under the late Mrs. Toomer that Doris learned the nuts and bolts of the real estate industry, and under Mrs. Toomer that she was first licensed as a sales agent.

Doris earned her broker’s license in 1995 and went on to establish Doris Thomas Realty shortly thereafter.

The other key figure at Doris Thomas Realty is David Thomas, Associate Broker and head of the Property Management Division’
David was licensed as an agent in 1999 and as a broker in 2004.

Savannah Board of Realtors;
Savannah Association of Realtists;
National Association of Real Estate Brokers;
Numerous religious and civic organizations.

To enlighten homeowners in the buying and selling process thus helping them avoiding financial problems.

GOAL: To faithfully and truthfully serve all buyers and all sellers interested in the real estate market.